Flush Mounting
NEMA 4 – NEMA 3R – Complies with U/L Std.50
Cast Iron – Hot Dipped Galvanized
Third-Party Certification: UL File E 189027

Standard Construction:

  1. Box and checkered cover of cast iron. Galvanized Finish.
  2. Checkered cover is cross-ribbed.
  3. Neoprene gasket. Stainless steel fastening
  4. Prybar notches for lifting
  5. Engraved with “NYC ELECTRICAL” (Other engraving available upon request)

H5870 type boxes have been widely installed in sidewalks and walkways of bridges, dams, tunnels, approaches and airports. The checkered non-slip cover, flush with finished concrete, is cross-ribbed for heavy pedestrian traffic. Covers are replaceable without disturbing box and conduit system if damaged by truck traffic.

H7000 Type Flanged Recessed Cover Box
Item #ConstructionInside LengthInside WidthInside DepthApprox. WeightApprox. Wall Thickness
H5870-121208-NYC ELECTRICALCast Iron1212892 lbs3/8 in
H5870-181212-NYC ELECTRICALCast Iron181212140 lbs3/8 in
H5870-241212-NYC ELECTRICALCast Iron241212215 lbs3/8 in
H5870-301414-NYC ELECTRICALCast Iron301414263 lbs3/8 in
H5870-301812-NYC ELECTRICALCast Iron301812305 lbs3/8 in